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About a year and a half ago my husband and I bought two bedroom sets for our kids. One a trundle bed for our twin daughter's room. We picked up the bed and when we opened the packages there were pieces missing, I contacted the store letting them know that we were missing pieces to the bed. Well to make a long story short after talking to three sales associates, and one manager they couldn't find what piece was missing from the bed. I went to the floor where there was a sample of the bed and took a catalog with all the pieces of the funiture in it up to the store manager.

He looked at it and ordered a part (which was an extra cost) and told me this was the piece I was missing. Took it home and it wasn't the piece, after reviewing the catalog in detail I noticed I had all the pieces, just not the hardware. I went back to the store and returned the piece the manager sold me and let them know I was only missing the hardware. Then they pulled the same trundle I ordered from the wherehouse in the back and noticed the hardware was missing from that box as well.

Then continued to pull two more boxes and noticed the hardware was missing from those boxes. The manager of the wherehouse contacted customer service and ordered a service associate to go to my house to check out the pieces of the trundle. The service assoicate came with no hardware and said "your missing the hardware". So he placed an order with customer service for the hardware to the trundle bed. I asked how long until the hardware was in and he didn't know. He gave me the number to customer service to call to check status on the hardware. I contacted customer service explained the story again and the lady on the other end said that I will recieve a letter in the mail with the information on what I needed and when it would be in. I received a letter about a week later stating they have ordered a "complete hardward package to complete the service call. and that it would take two to six weeks for delivery. Six weeks passed and still no hardware.

I contacted the customer service # again and asked status they stated it was on order. I called again and got the same response, I then asked to speak to a manager and was hung up on. I was going to give up, this was too much stress! about 9 months have passed and my husband kept telling me you better take care of that and I just said it was too stressful to continue to hunt these people down to get information for a hardware package. We decided to go into the store on August 28th. We talked to a furniture consultant by the name of Nick Dudich, we told him the situation and he promised to have someone contact us with in 48hours. We never received a call.

That Friday I called the store asking for Nick, the sales assoicate stated it was his day off I left a message for Nick and never recieved a call back. The next week I called again asking to talk to a manager I was transfered to David Saudedo he promised someone would call me with in 48 hours, well 48 hours passed and no call. I called David back and got the general mail box, so I left a message for him or anyone to call me back. Never got a call back, so I called the store again this time I asked to talk to a manager and they said he was with a customer I said I would hold. The guy's name was Oscar and asked if he could help me with something.

At this point I was upset. I told him the story and let him know I needed to talk to David he said that he would be there the next day between the hours of 1pm 9pm, I asked to leave a message for his manager and for the name of his manager Oscar gave me the name of Pano Diaz I left a message for him and never received a call back. I then called again asking to speak with david Saudedo, he was there. I let him know who I was and that no one has contacted me regarding the hardware for my trundle bed. He then gave me another number to a John Couple I then lost it.

I told him I couldn't believe that after a year and a half of trying to get a missing part and you telling me that someone is going to contact me within 48hours you are going to give me another number! I told him I am a manager and if I ever were to practice his ways of customer service I would not have a job. He then said, well let me email John and see if he can help you. I was not believing my ears, I was so discused with the service I recieved from everyone at wicks furniture. It has been about 4 days since the last call I made to David Saudedo and I still have not received no call from anyone from wicks furniture. I am not sure what to do next.

Studio Furniture Door wicks furniture

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I bought a couch from wicks about a year ago. The first couch I got had bad cushions and an arm that was so loose that the couch had to be replaced. It took wicks a month to come out to see the couch and another month to set up a date for ME to pick up a new one. The second couch now has collapsed on on end.

So again, I waited a month for a service man to come out and tell me that he could do nothing but set up an appointment for it to be picked up. The couch was picked up a month and a half later. I recently called to check on the status of the couch. I was told that I should get a call from someone....... soon. the operator said it takes four to six weeks from the date of pick up for the couch to be repaired.

(this.href,'res','1','&sig2=YHp_COA-Fst9K3z7u4lMFQ')" href="complaints/directory/2004/september/20/51.htm">Wicks Furniture - About a year and a half ago my husband and I - 7:36pm
Wicks Furniture - About a year and a half ago my husband and I bought two bedroom
sets for our kids. One a trundle bed for our twin daughter's room.

(this.href,'res','2','&sig2=B5B3bPHwvU-NuxUfC3F3lg')" href="complaints/directory/2004/december/23/28.htm">WICKS FURNITURE - 7:37pm
WICKS FURNITURE. It took wicks a month to come out to see the couch and
another month to set up a date for ME to pick up a new one.

(this.href,'res','3','&sig2=lZkBWcL3IiBDpUZXY6PIrA')" href="ask/web?o=0&qsrc=6&q=Wicks+Furniture">Ask Jeeves Results - Wicks Furniture
Wicks Furniture Minnesota Articles SSTP nears final votes on outstanding issues
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Wicks Furniture Store - Furniture 4U home and garden at CharlesKeath.
Wicks Furniture Store Articles 23rd Annual Franchise 500 .

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(this.href,'res','6','&sig2=5t1e2VdiU50m8Bb3XZBjuw')" href="amazon/exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/3734351">Amazon Furniture & Decor: Accessories / Replacement Wicks
Online shopping from a great selection of furniture & home décor; living room,
bedroom, Wick & Anchors For Gelly Candle 12 Anchors/9 Wicks

(this.href,'res','7','&sig2=NPzIt9lFCkfUQCTeEEwFzw')" href="amazon/exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/3734311">Amazon Furniture & Decor: Candles & Holders / Accessories
Online shopping from a great selection of furniture & home décor; living room,
bedroom, Lamp Oil · Replacement Wicks & Trimmers · Travel Tins
amazon/exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/3734311 - 25k onclick="return _blk(this,'amazon/exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/3734311','&sig2=NPzIt9lFCkfUQCTeEEwFzw','qp')" href="#">

(this.href,'res','8','&sig2=7Z-FLd3cG--Na9-XsHKOVg')" href="chili.servik/furniture20/wicks-furniture-stores.html">wicks furniture stores. Home Furniture. Discount prices..
Wicks Furniture Stores. wicks furniture stores. • Furniture From Pakistan •
Furniture Market Orlando Florida • Arkansas Furniture Stores

(this.href,'res','9','&sig2=Ad8udh5-NqnN5KyDU94eRA')" href="chili.servik/furniture28/">Home Furniture. Discount prices.. 0. touhy furniture office furniture desks san diego wicks furniture store
white wood computer furniture underhill furniture wicks furniture store

(this.href,'res','10','&sig2=HJQ9-5Cbz20tpKc25n4iug')" href="philip.greenspun/shared/community-member?user_id=94308">Carolyn Lam
We spent $150 on a beautiful cherry stained dining room table (retail $750) at
the Wicks Furniture outlet because it had faint scratches on it's table top

(this.href,'res','11','&sig2=26hG7d499gdgIJPSoheRkg')" href="">AAA CLOSEOUT Listings
Wicks furniture liquidation closeouts only $4995. for a 53' trailerload. Click here
for pictures and complete details. fob: - - price: - 16k onclick="return _blk(this,'','&sig2=26hG7d499gdgIJPSoheRkg','qp')" href="#">

(this.href,'res','12','&sig2=6Oya0Uu9Pz0K8j7mLvDjYA')" href="june29/baby/nursery.html">Baby Chambers: Nursery
Jen's mom bought a glider for us for Christmas from Wicks Furniture. She knew
that Wicks had a model that we wanted, but they were out of stock when we went

(this.href,'res','13','&sig2=mwwdmyvrVT21T5bpjSB8gw')" href="shopping/xDN-Pets--reptiles_and_amphibians-drs__foster___smith-beds_and_furniture~V-grid">Pets - Reptiles and Amphibians - Drs. Foster & Smith - Bedding and
Bedding and Furniture Reviews and Compare Pets - Reptiles and Amp
WICKS FURNITURE LIQUIDATION-ONLY $4995. per load..Furniture liquidators love this
load. Nice assortment of upholstery fine furniture liquidation ,sofas
aaacloseout/id21.html - 69k onclick="return _blk(this,'aaacloseout/id21.html','&sig2=CSpA26z5n6A96N21Oyu6fA','qp')" href="#">
Kaufmann's, JCPenney, Wicks Furniture, TJ Maxx & More, Sears, Kaufmann's, Furniture
Gallery. PARKING:, Uncovered & covered lots. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION:

(this.href,'res','16','&sig2=6aqdKpvJv_f_qRNL8ebRNw')" href="tripod.lycos/bin/directory/pagelist?categ=shopping&subcat=office_products">Tripod | Member Directory - 7:18pm
Wickes Furniture, Wicks Furniture, wicks furniture store · BreSo Quality Driven
Imaging · Professional and Personal Shopper, we will find any item · COMPANY

(this.href,'res','17','&sig2=kRWsWnal-pmgA_tzHVrO2g')" href="switchboard/Furniture_Stores/Billings/MT/27/Yellowpages_Results.html">Furniture, Billings, MT on Switchboard Yellow Pages
Find Furniture Stores in Billings, MT on Switchboard Yellow Pages. This includes
Accessories Ashley Furniture Homestore. Wicks & Main Billings, MT 59105

(this.href,'res','18','&sig2=2Od0w-0INVflSTqaiWymwQ')" href="lottaliving/tvformat.shtml">Lotta Living: MORE ABOUT THE SHOW
on Mad About You and Caroline in the City. Ms. Worley was even the Honorary
Mayor of Toluca Lake, CA and is a current spokesperson for Wicks Furniture.

(this.href,'res','19','&sig2=NCL0M5BRKxYzBY75A1e79A')" href="">Fiscal Year 2002 Commission Briefing Packages
Proposed FHSA Rules to Ban Lead-Core Candle Wicks and Candles with Lead-Cored
Options to Address Small Open Flame Ignition of Upholstered Furniture;

(this.href,'res','20','&sig2=7QXfreVu4_DIAhLzUyE0Cw')" href="">Furniture Replacement Program
People are of all different sizes but the furniture in CTS is not adjustable. cc: Scott Wicks: John Hoffmann: Ann Dyckman: Lee Cartmill

(this.href,'res','21','&sig2=7ePY_GrTJlbWIzcL52mrkQ')" href="directron/ysearch.html">Y Search Results-Best Computer Online Store Houston Buy Discount
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(this.href,'res','22','&sig2=wb9IHRAb4B_RW3tGr6BsXA')" href="charityvillage/cv/research/rphl2.html">CharityVillage® Research: Ben Wicks --- one person making a difference
Noranda, Palliser Furniture Co., Re/Max, Sears Canada Inc., SmithBooks,
charityvillage/cv/research/rphl2.html - 11k onclick="return _blk(this,'charityvillage/cv/research/rphl2.html','&sig2=wb9IHRAb4B_RW3tGr6BsXA','qp')" href="#">


refinishing furniture is a great way
to breathe instruction with the help from refinishing expert Harry Wicks.

(this.href,'res','30','&sig2=GrzkTEfbZUchmBFusepJcQ')" href="valuecreatedreview/officefurniture.htm">Contemporary Office Furniture Design in Canada
Contemporary modern office furniture design, sustainable furniture SMEs,
Gord Peteran and Kathleen Wicks, Baldwin, Brooklyn and Manor chairs

The point to the story is, don’t go to wicks unless you have an extra couch in the garage because my couch has either been broken or in the shop for repairs since the day I bought it....

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Phoenix, AZwicks furniture wickes

Furniture Direct Name Brand Furniture for Less, White Glove Delivery, Save!

Bakers Table O'Sullivan Furniture 30171 Home and Garden at PriceGrabber


News results for what furniture View today's top stories Quebec-based furniture maker Shermag lays off 80 at Victoriaville Feb 16, 2005wicks furniture

Wickes BETTER FURNITURE-Minor damages This load of beautiful furniture was in the JC pnny store. Most of the merchandsie is minor damages such as scratch and small dents .It can consist of furniture-hand painted, mahogany, wicker, iron antique reproductions, home accents sculpture, art, vases, candlesticks, rugs, lamps/lighting, chairs, barstools, counter stools, Outdoor accents-tables, benches, umbrellas, planters etc. Trailers have approx.163 units of assorted furniture. Wholesale cost is approx. $24,145. Current, desirable merchandise mix, large assortment of home decor items. Excellent deal.Good selection of nice furniture. Fob:PA .Your cost ( only 30% of wholesale cost ) will range from $4,500 to 7,500 per traileroad !!! wicks furniture FURNITURE -ONLY $4,000. per load Nice assortment of upholstery fine furniture,sofas ,couch and love seats,KD and solid wood furniture . Your cost is 33% of wholesale cost or $4,000. per 48' trailerload..

FOB: MN. GPS FURNITURE TRAILERLOADS-THIS IS A CUSTOMER FAVORITE We have one load per week of this great furniture deal.Will consist of dining room ,bedroom furniture and childrens furniture.Very clean return loads ,some chip & scratches.Your cost is Approx.$4,680$6,680. PER 53' TRAILERLOAD(39% of wholesale cost)YOU WILL LOVE THIS FURNITURE LOAD. As****y furniture loads-A SLAM DUNK WINNER !!! 53" trailerloads of fine furniture returns.Some chip & scratches.We can ship from many USA locations to save you on freight.This is a customer' choice load.Very nice and clean furniture.Great for retail and also auctions.Only $7,500. per load Furniture Liquidation only $2,895.00 This is 53' trailerload of customer returns consisting of attractive entertainment centers,bedroom furniture,home office,living room,kitchen and dining room furniture.Also will include decorative accents,housewares,electronics,bed & bath.This is available on a regular basis.Excellent furniture value for your money..Due to the low price and great demand,there is a one week waiting period .Many customers order 3 loads at a time.Hurry...First come, first serve. Coasters of America Full 53-foot trailer of assorted customer returns and scratch-and-dent . Only $5,500 per trailerload wicks furniture Furniture.comWelcome to the Web's best furniture store, where the convenience of online shopping is combined with the local service and quick delivery of the nation’s 24k

(this.href,'res','24','&sig2=xZARlmZr3WwVxcI3S_v2Cg')" href="addall/info/CRAFTS_and_HOBBIES--8/Woodwork--554/Furniture_finishing--1574203">AddALL - browse and compare book price at 40+ Sites!
Author: Pat Wicks. 12. First American Furniture Finisher's Manual: 0486255301 -
Paperback - List Price: $5.95: Author: Robert Mussey. 13. French Polishing
Wicks got most of his furniture second-hand from his parents. A wooden table he
repainted and placed by the bay windows provides the perfect spot to read

(this.href,'res','26','&sig2=ebYxmbtJXWzuofYgmizQtQ')" href="testing.sbsisp/wicks/floor_maintenance.html">Wicks Wood Floors
Wicks Wood Floors, Inc. uses the most advanced floor finish, so your hardwood floors
Allow 48 hours before moving furniture back on hardwood flooring.
testing.sbsisp/wicks/floor_maintenance.html - 13k onclick="return _blk(this,'testing.sbsisp/wicks/floor_maintenance.html','&sig2=ebYxmbtJXWzuofYgmizQtQ','qp')" href="#">

('','res','27','&sig2=Z-aNkZ4hB2V-a33YsUh1fA')" href="">Bionaire Patio Furniture: Find, Compare, Read Reviews & Buy Online
Results 1 - 1 out of 1 for Bionaire Patio Furniture. (About this page.
shipping on genuine Bionaire replacement humidifier wicks & air purifier filters.

[PDF] (this.href,'res','28','&sig2=5FQdSfoUNCsPDgikkH5iog')" href="">Unofficial Until Approved ROLL CALL ORDINANCE AND RESOLUTIONS
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
and Gisler Avenue North Parkway from Wicks Furniture Driveway to. College Avenue,
Project No. 01-16. On motion by Council Member

(this.href,'res','29','&sig2=lQo5LS317ZBQATPr72W0WA')" href="hgtv/hgtv/rm_furniture_maintenance/article/0,1797,HGTV_3716_2108781,00.html">Remodeling : Repairs / Maintenance : Refinishing Furniture : Home
If saving money is important to you, then

Furniture at Furniture Find: Bedroom Furniture, Dining Room Kitchen Furniture at Furniture Find. Your source for outdoor furniture, kids furniture, home office furniture and patio furniture. Wickes 32k wickes Ashley Furniture Ashley Furniture is the single largest brand of residential furniture in North America. You will love us. You will love our furniture. 7k

galleryfurniture.comFull line furniture store. Shop at retail location or online. 2k

Furniture Find: Bedroom Furniture Hooker Furniture wickes furniture Look and Feel of Furniture Finish is Key Quality Cue, Exciting urban country style bedroom leads an all-star bedroom cast Report 18k

wicks furniture wickes and even wick furniture
Furniture On The Web, Discount FurnitureDiscount Furniture Shopping as it should be. Everything is easy to find and easy to buy. Discount Furniture Shopping as it should be. 78k

Discover the look that is right for you at Stanley Furniture.Stanley Furniture Company creates timeless furniture that is practical, beautiful and stays relevant even as your taste and lifestyle changes. kids furniture

Broyhill FurnitureRated number one among consumer preference, Broyhill truly is America's favorite full-line furniture brand. Visit our site to learn 17k

wicks furniture dining table -Bassett Home My Bassett lets you customize, save furniture, and even design rooms. SIGN IN | REGISTER. Learn More. Copyright © 2003 Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc. 15k Stock quotes: BSET wickes

Century Furniture HomeCentury Furniture: Prestigious, living room, dining room, bedroom furniture. Sofas, loveseats,chairs,tables,beds,armoires,occasional : all for your home.